Iraq is a Ship without a Port..Dr. Muhannad Al-Azzawi

Iraq is a Ship without a Port

By: Dr. Muhannad Al-Azzawi
Head of Saqr Center for Researches and Strategic Studies

The invasion of Iraq constituted a fundamental change in its future and its vital role as an effective geopolitical axis concerned with the tasks of International Peace and Security, preservation of Arab regional balances within the quadruple regional Arab balance, and maintaining the stability of the region as well as its role in the development of the emerging countries and providing them with professional, academic and military expertise. The economic comparison with the reality of the Middle East, and specifically the Arab world in the past with its reality today is infested with red patches. The invasion of Iraq, the dismantling of its state and its armed forces, and the consolidation of the Lebanese model, contributed to the dismantling of the geostrategic balances as an essential foundation for the security and stability of the region. It also expanded the phenomenon of failed states and the emergence of parallel armed entities as an alternative actor of the state, despite the existence of its three authorities, To draw the political directions of development to meet the needs and requirements of the Iraqi people, which is under the hammers of family and partisan favoritism, and the expansion of incoming terrorism, and the growing system of corruption pervasive, as well as administrative failure, and the absence of standards and qualifications, It seems obviously, the absence of accountability, transparency, fairness, oversight, monitoring and evaluation, which are pillars of governance.

The ship and the absence of the captain

Since 2003, the Iraqi ship has been sailing on the coordinates of the wrong road map of the United Nations, which divided the Iraqi political system into Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish divisions, thus negating the concepts of national politics. The concept of “Lebanonization” reinforces the Lebanese model after the civil war. There is an international will and regional desires to replicate the Lebanese model in Iraq, despite the strategic risks and clear threats to those who understand the Iraqi environment, the diversity of its components, and the importance of Iraq’s geopolitical location in relation to the role and tasks

By contrast, Iraq has never fought a civil war in its history, because of the cohesion, proportionality, and interconnection of Iraqi society, its adherence to national and societal values, and no war of axes, as happened in Lebanon, which claimed the lives of Lebanese society. The chaos of power and the war of war have made them risk strategic values and seek creative chaos in a vital region representing the heart of the world. Without a doubt, when the state and society are dismantled in any internationally recognized geopolitical axis and officially recognized as a Member State of the United Nations, Collapse and political conflict are stalled, especially in light of the support and adoption of the policy of the state of the components and the division of political fines (political quotas) in contravention of the theory of the state and the social contract, which seek for national unity of society and state governance, and the establishment of public government policies whose primary objective is the citizen, sustainability and safety of the homeland. Depending on the policy of the parties and corruption, the ship did not reach its destination, and will be destroyed by waves and storms and hurricanes and this is what happened to Iraq actually.

Search for the Harbor

The policy is known as “the science of power wherever it is, wherever and at what level” and in another definition, “the science of state rule or the study of the principles on which governments determine their relations with citizens and other states.” Unfortunately, the political majority in Iraq does not possess the skills of political art, The majority thinks about the personal benefits within the framework of the corruption system, without taking into account the demands of human biomass, which is a factor of stability, development and political action, as well as the maintenance of the geopolitical elements that constitute the cause of the existence of the state. Intense domestic policy has a vital entrance to international relations, built on equal opportunities and common interests, the preservation of national sovereignty and the strengthening of international prestige and status, which establishes a balance in international and regional relations.

In light of this, Iraq lacks a safe harbor for security access, In light of this, Iraq lacks a port which is the destination of safe access to it, to reorganize its capabilities and to make its policy and to do it in a way that suits Iraq’s supreme interest. The arrival of Iraq to its destination requires assessing the performance of the political system and working to rectify it and cementing the culture of political and institutional governance, to combat the system of corruption entrenched in the body of the state, to hold arms in the hands of the state, to remove armed manifestations, to restore community peace, and to prevent the return of terrorism and militarization of society once again, because Iraq is going through a critical and sensitive stage, and to activate the system of renaissance Iraq requires to renew the political blood rehabilitation of the youth, and contain it to be about Grate active in sustainable development, and to ensure the future of Iraq, as well as the rehabilitation of the society elements ( women and children) who were victims of the folly of politics and the various effects, it is not-impossible that turns into Iraq from turmoil to stability and construction, perhaps that seems an impossible task, but it has become a necessary requirement and curtail issue does not accept postponement.

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